Do you have a dress code?

We do not enforce a dress code, but our suggestion would be something comfortable, something not white :)

What if I have a dietary restriction? (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free)

Our menu has several options to cater to most dietary restrictions; however, please note that our seafood boil is only entree dish we have, so if you are allergic to shellfish, options will be limited to small bites. Please call or email us to inquire about menu information.

Do you offer specials for birthday celebrations?

We currently do not offer any special packages for birthdays, but your server can bring you one of our craft ice cream sandwiches at $6 a piece with a candle. Please be advised that our restaurant implements an additional $4 per person cake fee for all outside cakes.

Does your restaurant have a full bar?

We currently do not have a full liquor license. The only alcohol we serve apart from beer & wine is a Korean vodka called soju, which is 24% APV. Soju is what we use to spike all of our drinks, including our famous adult caprisuns.

Are children allowed in your restaurant?

Children are more than welcome at our restaurant! Though we don’t have a formal children’s menu, we have many kid-friendly options such as mac & cheese and chicken tenders and crayons are provided on every table. Please be advised that while children are welcome during all operational hours, the atmosphere transitions to a more bar-friendly ambiance on Wednesdays and weekends after 7PM due to our live D.J.


Is reservation required to dine in at your restaurant?

Reservations are not required, but it is certainly highly recommended.

How can I make reservation for a party of 8 or more?

Our restaurant requires a cancellation policy to be completed in order to create a reservation for parties of 8 or more. Please fill out the form under Reservations tab above or email us, and our reservation team will get back to you with the necessary forms.

Why do you need my credit card information for large party reservations?

We gladly accept parties of 8 or more after receiving a credit card number to secure the reservation. We reserve the right to apply a $10 per person charge to these reservations if it is canceled less than 24 hours of the reservation or if the party fails to show entirely.

Will you charge anything on my credit card?

We will not charge anything on your credit card as long as your entire party shows up for the reservation!

Why do you have a 15-minute grace period for seating a late reservation?

Out of respect to other present guests with a reservation, we reserve the right to offer your table after 15 minutes. If you arrive with your complete party after our grace period, you will be automatically removed to the waitlist.

Why Don’t You Seat Incomplete Parties?

Waiting to seat parties once they are complete helps ensure the timeliness and flow of our service. The enjoyment of our guests’ dining experience is our main concern.


claw feast

What are the requirement for participating in Claw Feast

Claw Feast requires a minimum of 4 people and a reservation. Claw Feast is currently not offered to walk-ins. Claw Feast is $35 per person prior to taxes and gratuity.

Please be advised that all Claw Feast parties are subject to an automatic gratuity of 18%.

If the majority of people in your party choose to do Claw Feast, we are happy to make an exception for those who prefer to order off the regular menu, rather than participate in Claw Feast, so long as they each order a minimum of $35 of food.

Is Claw Feast AYCE (All-you-can-eat)?

We do not indicate anywhere on our promotions that the Claw Feast deal is all-you-can-eat, though this is a common misunderstanding. The Claw Feast is $35 for 2 pounds of seafood with sides per person.

What comes in Claw Feast?

The Claw Feast offers 2lbs of seafood per person (.5lbs snowcrab, .5lbs crawfish, .5lbs clams, and .5lbs shrimp) with corn, bread, potatoes, and sausage for the table.

Everything is pre-weighed in the kitchen according to how many people will be involved and then the food is dumped out onto the table to be enjoyed Louisiana/family-style (gloves and bibs are provided).

During off-season for crawfish, we will substitute with more clams and shrimp.

Can a party of less than 4 do Claw Feast?

All Claw Feasts are pre-proportioned in our kitchen at a minimum of 8lbs (2lbs of seafood per person for a group of 4 people at a total of $140).

All of our guests are more than welcome to order the Claw Feast as long as they are okay with receiving the total minimum of 8lbs of seafood and paying the $35 per person difference.

For instance, a group of 2 people would receive 8lbs of seafood and pay $70 each.

However, please be advised that Claw Feast is still reservation-only.

Can I make substitutions if there’s something I don’t like in the Claw Feast?

We regret to inform you that there are absolutely no substitutions for the Claw Feast.

Everything has been pre-weighed and pre-determined in an effort for all Claw Feasts to be as equitable as possible. All seafood offerings will remain at the standard amount allotted and your guests can feel free to order additional items off our regular menu if they wish.

Can children participate in Claw Feast?

Please be advised that children under the age of 10 are exempt from the $35 fee as we only charge adults participating in the Claw Feast.

However, this exception varies on a case by case basis as it depends on the size of the child and their appetite.

Since Claw Feast is $35 per person for 2lbs of seafood, some people choose to not pay for children and have them share food with the other guests.

If you would like to order one additional Claw Feast and have the children share amongst themselves, it is entirely up to you as just one of the children will be charged.